Wonder Woman Wardrobe War Winners Announced - UPDATED

Well, Project: Rooftop has posted the winning entries to the Wonder Woman Wardrobe War contest. And one of them wasn't mine. Sob, boo hoo.
Nah, I wasn't expecting to be there. And when you look at the quality of what did win...it's no "wonder!" (Get it?)
Anyway, go check 'em out. They're hot!!!!


OH AND...!
Head over to the Zeus Comics website (they provided the prizes for the winners)! They've posted the entries that didn't make the top echelon. There is some great work there. I can't imagine how hard it was to pick just a few winners!! Mine's there and it's very happy to be!!


  1. Your's was great. We posted it on our site along with the other entries. Even though I think most of them are really great, you entry stands out especially.

  2. Hey thanks!! I really appreciate the compliment!! Although, after looking through a lot of those entries, I realize I never stood a chance! LOL!! Some of them are just AWESOME!

  3. Your design rocks, though.