Superpowers: Who were those masked men?

I absolutely love golden age comics and the golden age heroes. Especially the less-famous ones. So when I heard about PROJECT: SUPERPOWERS. I was so excited!! Issue #0 came out this week and it rocked. I also picked up THE TWELVE, but it's a little too "modern-age dark" for me to get into the novelty of the golden-age heroes. I don't know how SUPERPOWERS will go from here, but the first issue was fun!

I loved this double page spread! Alex Ross, Stephen Sadowski and Captain Moreno knocked it out of the park (except for half the guys having purple skin tones [wtf])! I knew about a third of them at first glance, but was really curious about the rest. So I spent the day going through International Hero and Golden Age Hero Directory picture-by-picture until I could match them all up with a name. So I figured if someone else wanted to know, here it is:

Maybe I'll get bold and go through the rest of the issue later. But I don't know, LOL! It was time consuming!!

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