Upcoming Wonder Woman swag

Mattel has announced their Fall 2008 line and we get more Barbie as DC Superheroes. Including yet another Wonder Woman! Wahoo! Check out Barbie Collector.com for pics of the new Batgirl, new Supergirl and all-new Black Canary Barbies!

Mattel's DC Universe Classics action figures introduces Wonder Woman into the line with Wave 4. I assume since Waves 2 & 3 are scheduled for Spring and Summer (respectively), that this should be hitting stores in the Fall as well!!

In November, DC Direct is unleashing the Wonder Woman 1:4 Museum Quality Statue. Action-Figure.com calls it the second 1:4 Statue after Batman, except that there's also been an announced Superman 1:4 Museum Quality Statue. Not sure which is first, but Wonder Woman is obviously third. That's a shocker. Anyway...the price is $295. Good luck with that. Tell me how it works out for ya.
But damn it is pretty hot!! Check out more (and bigger) pics at Action Figure Insider.


  1. Why do the DC Barbies all look like Transsexual Drag Queens? For real. It looks like they got make-overs on that bad show The Swan.

  2. That's a very nice statue. Wonder Woman isn't supposed to look like Audrey Hepburn with a tiara; get over it. And it's rather hard to look like a Barbie doll and transsexual drag queen at the same time, being mutually exclusive themes and all.