From Dark Knight to Knight Rider

From Newsarama:

According to Variety, Val Kilmer, who portrayed Batman in Batman Forever, will replace Will Arnett as the voice of KITT in NBC’s revival of its Knight Rider franchise.

Arnett had already completed his part for the project – a backdoor pilot for a full-on new possible Knight Rider series, when it was learned that he had to be replaced. As the trade reports, Arnett was asked by GM to remove himself from Knight Rider, due to the fact that he has been the “voice of GMC Trucks” for the nearly ten years. The new KITT is played by a Ford Mustang, and Ford, according to Variety is “taking an active role in the marketing and branding of the pic.”

"I was very excited at the prospect of playing the part of KITT in the new 'Knight Rider' movie," Arnett told Variety. "However, because of a long relationship with General Motors as the voice of GMC Trucks, I had to respectfully withdraw from the project."

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