Countdown to Final Crisis 13

The last 3 issues of COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS have been pretty damn good. The story is rolling. The sad part is, they've stopped telling a lot of the stories. No Jimmy Olsen. No Karate Kid. It's all been about "The Challengers" (Donna, Kyle & Jason), the Monitors, Monarch and Superman-Prime. But it's been fast-paced and interesting.

Maybe a little too fast-paced? I have no idea what happened between panels one and two of this page...but something must have.


  1. in the second panel you can see her just barely holding the other costume-apparently she changed off-panel.

  2. Well, for crying out loud. They could've made it just slightly more obvious than that!! My old eyes don't see those tiny details!

    So are we saying that Donna changed clothes right there in front of Bruce, Jason, Kyle and Ray? Must've been quite the show. Hussy.

    Thanks, J.