Headlines: It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s a New Book for Superman Musical

A new production of the cult musical It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman will premiere during the Dallas Theater Center’s 2009-2010 season. According to The Dallas Morning News, the Center’s artistic director Kevin Moriarty and comic writer-turned-playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa have acquired the rights to create a new book for the musical, which features music by Charles Strouse and lyrics Lee Adams, the team behind Bye Bye Birdie. The new It’s a Bird is scheduled to run from June 18 through July 25, 2010. Details about casting and the creative team have not been announced.

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Random Crap & Thoughts

So, I was trying to come up with a new Donna Troy themed header, so ComicsAllTooReal's Chris would get off my back (not really, cuz he bites well). And somehow I went off on some bizarre tangent and this came out of it:
Don't even ask me, cuz I have no idea...
Why is it: that in this day and age, when most brand new TV series come out in box sets priced around $40-50, and you can usually find them on sale for $20-40...That Star Trek: Voyager, a show I really want on DVD, still costs over $60 a season, on sale!!?
WTF? Doesn't Paramount realize they might actually make some money on their stuff if it was affordable? Because I'm going to end up buying it used, and they won't get a penny of my money...

Speaking of used:
I was at McKay's (awesome used book, DVD, CD, video game store) a couple of days ago and picked up a couple cool things.
I finally got Kenneth Johnson's follow up to V, V: The Second Generation. If I read books more regularly, I'd be excited to jump into this. But it'll probably collect dust for a least a few months...
I also picked up an old Catwoman novel, which from what I can figure out online might be subtitled "Tiger Hunt," but there's nothing on my copy to indicate that.
I also picked up Showcase Presents: Legion of Super Heroes Vol. 2 for $4! I don't love the silver-age Legion enough to pay $17 for it, but $4 is worth it. LOL

Oh yeah, and HAPPY EASTER!!


Warner Bros Animation New Mural!

Warner Brothers Animation revealed a new mural for the front of their building on April 7th. Head over to Toon Zone to check out the festivities!!

Guess what my computer desktop looks like right now!!! ;-)

Spring Greening

Well, I tried to freshen up a little. Not sure I care for it. We'll see how long it lasts.

You can see the previous looks by checking out the header gallery.


Orange Lantern Package's FOREVER!

What Can Orange Do For You?

cover by Philip Tan & Jonathan Glapion
On sale June 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

I've been wondering....do you think the Orange Lantern oath goes anything like this:


Recasting the Bat?

When I look at this cover for BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL – THE NETWORK #1, a soap opera announcer's voice goes off in my head:

"Today the role of Batgirl will be played by Power Girl..." WTH?

Cover by Ladrönn
On sale May 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US


PREVIEWS Apr 2009 for June

Occasionally, when the mood strikes me, I run through the DC Solicitations to see what catches my eye. This time around I decided to give the Previews catalog a look. You never know what you'll find!!

Based on this cover (although with Frank Quitely, it's never easy to tell...), I'm guessing Damian will end up being Robin. He sure don't look like any version of Tim Drake I've seen in the past 10 years.

About a month ago I talked about the upcoming CAPTAIN CANUCK hardcover from IDW. And now's the time to order it!!!
The mail-order company I use DCBS is offering the pre-order with a 50% discount!! Only $12.49!! Of course, I was going to get it anyway, this just makes it sweeter!! ($16.49 @ Amazon)

See, If I hadn't gone thru the PREVIEWS catalog, I never would've known about this:
And since it says it's about Rick and his son and daughter (as opposed to his research assistant and a redneck survivalist) trapped in an alien world, we can assume this will at least resemble the TV series. I cringe whenever I think about the LAND OF THE LOST movie coming out...

Woot! Can't wait for PROJECT SUPERPOWERS to get going again. I just love it!!

More crazy Fletcher Hanks-y-ness:
If you read I SHALL DESTROY ALL CIVILIZED PLANETS, then for sure you're going to want to pick up YOU SHALL DIE BY YOUR OWN EVIL CREATION! If you missed CIVILIZED PLANETS the first time around (first four printings, actually)...it's available again too!! Amazon has them both at right around 30% off, which is about the same as DCBS.

This looks kind of interesting. Although, as much as I read books, I'll probably pass. Until I find the paperback...used for half-price. ;-)
Amazon: $17.81 | DCBS: $14.84

I would never buy this, but it still looks really cool!!
I was actually DOC SAVAGE obsessed for awhile. There was a laundromat near my house when I was a kid that sold used paperbacks for a quarter. I must've had at least 50 DOC SAVAGE novels. Not sure how many I read... LOL

OMG, has it really been 20 years!!! Yikes! I totally full-on remember that I saw this movie 6 times in the first 7 days it was out. Yeah, I was a major comic-book geek loser.
I really want to get this more for the book than anything. And maybe someday I'll even have a Blu-ray player. Well, my computer plays Blu-ray, but I sit in front of this screen enough as it is!!

Yay I can't wait for this!!! I love TRUE BLOOD!! Although I stopped watching it about half-way through. But that was mostly because I kinda stopped watching most TV. This is awesome.

If the 2010 VINTAGE DC CALENDAR is even half what the 2009 was...it'll be the calendar of the year!!! The 2009 is just awesome in it's awesomeness.

What? Has it been like 3-4 years since we've had a WONDER WOMAN CALENDAR. I'm more surprised that it isn't linked with the movie. But I'll take what I can get!!

After the uproar over the Mary Jane statue, what are the odds that even one person will complain about Spidey having a building shoved up his ass?
Where do you think the pieces are connected?



The date's been moved up from July 28 to July 21. Check it out!!

Directed by Lauren Montgomery
Written by Alan Burnett

Christopher Meloni - Hal Jordan
Tricia Helfer - Boodikka
Michael Madsen - Kilowog
Victor Garber - Sinestro

Box art and more details here.