PREVIEWS Apr 2009 for June

Occasionally, when the mood strikes me, I run through the DC Solicitations to see what catches my eye. This time around I decided to give the Previews catalog a look. You never know what you'll find!!

Based on this cover (although with Frank Quitely, it's never easy to tell...), I'm guessing Damian will end up being Robin. He sure don't look like any version of Tim Drake I've seen in the past 10 years.

About a month ago I talked about the upcoming CAPTAIN CANUCK hardcover from IDW. And now's the time to order it!!!
The mail-order company I use DCBS is offering the pre-order with a 50% discount!! Only $12.49!! Of course, I was going to get it anyway, this just makes it sweeter!! ($16.49 @ Amazon)

See, If I hadn't gone thru the PREVIEWS catalog, I never would've known about this:
And since it says it's about Rick and his son and daughter (as opposed to his research assistant and a redneck survivalist) trapped in an alien world, we can assume this will at least resemble the TV series. I cringe whenever I think about the LAND OF THE LOST movie coming out...

Woot! Can't wait for PROJECT SUPERPOWERS to get going again. I just love it!!

More crazy Fletcher Hanks-y-ness:
If you read I SHALL DESTROY ALL CIVILIZED PLANETS, then for sure you're going to want to pick up YOU SHALL DIE BY YOUR OWN EVIL CREATION! If you missed CIVILIZED PLANETS the first time around (first four printings, actually)...it's available again too!! Amazon has them both at right around 30% off, which is about the same as DCBS.

This looks kind of interesting. Although, as much as I read books, I'll probably pass. Until I find the paperback...used for half-price. ;-)
Amazon: $17.81 | DCBS: $14.84

I would never buy this, but it still looks really cool!!
I was actually DOC SAVAGE obsessed for awhile. There was a laundromat near my house when I was a kid that sold used paperbacks for a quarter. I must've had at least 50 DOC SAVAGE novels. Not sure how many I read... LOL

OMG, has it really been 20 years!!! Yikes! I totally full-on remember that I saw this movie 6 times in the first 7 days it was out. Yeah, I was a major comic-book geek loser.
I really want to get this more for the book than anything. And maybe someday I'll even have a Blu-ray player. Well, my computer plays Blu-ray, but I sit in front of this screen enough as it is!!

Yay I can't wait for this!!! I love TRUE BLOOD!! Although I stopped watching it about half-way through. But that was mostly because I kinda stopped watching most TV. This is awesome.

If the 2010 VINTAGE DC CALENDAR is even half what the 2009 was...it'll be the calendar of the year!!! The 2009 is just awesome in it's awesomeness.

What? Has it been like 3-4 years since we've had a WONDER WOMAN CALENDAR. I'm more surprised that it isn't linked with the movie. But I'll take what I can get!!

After the uproar over the Mary Jane statue, what are the odds that even one person will complain about Spidey having a building shoved up his ass?
Where do you think the pieces are connected?


  1. I think I can also deduce that by his crossed arms and stance that Batman is Dick Grayson...not sure why but that pose really scream Dick (Grayson) to me. But I had always assumed when first mention of Battle of the Cowl that Damian will be trained as Robin. Another thing that makes me think this is Dick as Batman is one of the Batman: Battle for the Cowl adds with all the Batmen on it...of to the right is Dick Grayson (I think crossed arms again) and Damian. Damian is bound by white fabric around the wrists and the other end is wrapped around Dick's left leg...which leads me to believe that one of the things Batman asked Dick to do was to watch over Damien and possible train him as Robin...either that or Damian is now Dick's personal attack dog LOL...anyway that's my perception of it.

    Oh thanks for letting us know about the novel...I need to check out it. I am a big novel reader and even bigger reader when it's based on comic book characters...AND Kevin J. Anderson usually writes a pretty good comic book novel. I wonder when it is released...I guess I should look at that picture again.

  2. Oh I forgot...I wanted to leave you the link of the picture I was referencing...maybe someone else has some thoughts.


  3. I don't read the Batman books, but I assumed that the guy Damian was strapped to, with what looks like bandages, was Hush (or whoever it is that had surgery to look like Bruce). I figured Dick was one of the Batmens. But, like I said, I don't read the books, so I don't know.

    Amazon says Enemies & Allies comes out May 5. But earlier today, I was looking at the Knoxville Library website, and they said one of the branches had a copy available!!??? So I don't know. Strange.
    I have read like 3 X-Files books that Anderson wrote and remember them being pretty good. I just picked up "Last Days of Krypton" (the paperback...used for half-price) a couple days ago, I may try to find time to read it. :)

  4. I'm disappointed the Land of the Lost movie is going to be a comedy. But I saw that solicitation for the comic book in Previews as well and it sounds like something I could like. I'll definitely be giving it a try. I have a brief comment about it on my Land of the Lost site if you're interested in visiting:


  5. Oh wow...I hadn't even given hush a thought. It is a possibility I guess...but I am not sure. The only Batman related books I have read were Nightwing and also Robin...oh and Superman/Batman. I read R.I.P. miniseries but that thing confused the heck out of me. I am reading Battle for the Cowl...and Damian is definately Robin...as he took the Batmobile out for a ride and picked up a girl...But Nightwing was acting like his protector...so who knows.

    I just ordered Last Son of Krypton too on Amazon used...

  6. Darn right on Project Superpowers. It's past time they got it going again!

  7. Enik1138: If anybody but Will Ferrell was in Land of the Lost, I could probably deal with it being a comedy. But Will Ferrell? Ugh. Although, unfortunately, the trailer looks kind of interesting...at least visually.
    Great site. Loved The Marshalls (Season 3).

    NWW: Do you think Armored Batman is really Jason? Everyone is just so positively sure they know it's Jason, it almost seems like a red herring.

    Sky_of_Blue: I CAN'T WAIT! Have you been reading any of the tie-in minis? 'Devil was kind of a space filler. Enjoying Black Terror, wish they'd get on with it! Masquerade seems interesting so far.

    So...when Hal turns orange what will your screenname be? ;-)