Warner Bros Animation New Mural!

Warner Brothers Animation revealed a new mural for the front of their building on April 7th. Head over to Toon Zone to check out the festivities!!

Guess what my computer desktop looks like right now!!! ;-)


  1. Ohhhhhhhh-- I think I want to live there--

  2. This is right down the street from my house. I was hoping to be the first to post it, but I'm too lazy sometimes. :)

  3. Well, now I have a general idea of where you live. LOL. I used to go for bike rides around that area when I lived in LA. Always went past WB. Altho, it may not have been WB Animation, I can't remember for sure.
    Never mind.

  4. That is So Cool! Kinda makes you want to look for the nearest phone booth.