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So, I was trying to come up with a new Donna Troy themed header, so ComicsAllTooReal's Chris would get off my back (not really, cuz he bites well). And somehow I went off on some bizarre tangent and this came out of it:
Don't even ask me, cuz I have no idea...
Why is it: that in this day and age, when most brand new TV series come out in box sets priced around $40-50, and you can usually find them on sale for $20-40...That Star Trek: Voyager, a show I really want on DVD, still costs over $60 a season, on sale!!?
WTF? Doesn't Paramount realize they might actually make some money on their stuff if it was affordable? Because I'm going to end up buying it used, and they won't get a penny of my money...

Speaking of used:
I was at McKay's (awesome used book, DVD, CD, video game store) a couple of days ago and picked up a couple cool things.
I finally got Kenneth Johnson's follow up to V, V: The Second Generation. If I read books more regularly, I'd be excited to jump into this. But it'll probably collect dust for a least a few months...
I also picked up an old Catwoman novel, which from what I can figure out online might be subtitled "Tiger Hunt," but there's nothing on my copy to indicate that.
I also picked up Showcase Presents: Legion of Super Heroes Vol. 2 for $4! I don't love the silver-age Legion enough to pay $17 for it, but $4 is worth it. LOL

Oh yeah, and HAPPY EASTER!!

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