The Return of Donna Troy!

You can't imagine my excitement when Donna popped up in WONDER WOMAN #22!! Not only because Gail Simone is writing her, but, damn, Aaron Lopresti makes her so beautiful. You can add him to the short list of artists (George Perez, Phil Jimenez & Jose Luis Garcia Lopez) who get Donna right! Okay, the choker is wrong, but I'm not gonna nit-pick that!
Of course, her "what the hell is going on here" line fits the story...but it's also the thought that went through my head when I saw the costume she's wearing! Don't get me wrong, I detest the Ian Churchill travesty, but if that's the costume she's supposed to be wearing, she should be wearing it everywhere.

And then something wonderful happened (no pun intended):

The DC Solicitations for October came out. And amongst all the goodness was this...

The cover to TITANS #6:
The REAL Donna Troy is back (at least visually...). And even if Starfire looks like a trainwreck, Gar looks better than he did in the past couple issues. Now if only they could get a writer who understood the characters...


  1. Putting Donna back in her starfield costume is a step in the right direction. But Starfire and Gar look dreadful. And Cyborg is not much better. It seems like artists draw them anyway they feel. It's like suddenly giving Superman spikey anime hair. It wouldn't happen. But with Starfire anything goes. And I wish they'd settle on a costume for Gar, at least for a couple years. A good costume I should add.

  2. Starfire is ghastly! And you're right, she's a low-rent Wonder Woman. No two artists even make an attempt to put her in the same outfit. At least WW's is recognizable, if usually wrong.
    I like Gar's look here better than the LotR-elfin look he's had lately. And the costume is okay, except for the what boot tops. But I wonder what Dick thinks about the homage...?