Catch up with it!

Well, I've fallen behind on posting and keeping track of my headers! Loser!

Anyway, here's the banner I used in June to celebrate Superman's 70th anniversary.
I never did finish the celebration, got kinda bored with it. But I'll get back to it. Whenever I get the bug, I'll put up a post until I get through all the stuff I was planning on doing. You'll get over it.

Here's the banner I did to celebrate (again) the DVD release of Birds of Prey.
Unfortunately, Warner Home Video screwed the DVD release the same way the WB network screwed the series. No love for the birds...

And the current header:
Because you just gotta love Donna. I hope Gail keeps the "kick-ass" attitude Donna picked up during the sucky COUNTDOWN series. The only good thing that came out of that!

Okay bye!

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