BIRDS of PREY - On Sale Today!

BIRDS OF PREY: The Complete Series DVD Set is on sale today!!!

In the third episode of Birds of Prey, Lori Loughlin (Full House, Summerland, 90210) guest-stars as Carolyn Lance aka Black Canary. Carolyn has a past with Catwoman...so she's not keen on Catwoman's daughter: Helena Kyle - The Huntress!! Or Helena's involvement with Dinah and Dinah's crimefighting!

Here's the episode description:

Barbara and Helena learn the truth about Dinah and Dinah learns the truth about her own past when her mother, Carolyn Lance, comes to New Gotham in search of the daughter she abandoned years before. Dinah is shocked to learn that Carolyn was once Batman's protege: the Black Canary. Meanwhile, Helena learns that Detective Reese has family issues of his own when he becomes secretive about a ruthless gangster.

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