The Trouble with Titans

TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT - Originally slated to be the third film in the DC Universe direct-to-DVD series, the project is currently on hold.

THE TITANS - Yeah, I've already mentioned that mess to the left, but it fit in with this post. The first issue is drawn by Ian Churchill (or scheduled to be, anyway). The second by Joe Bennett. Two strikes out the gate. And as much as I absolutely love GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY, the TITANS EAST SPECTACULAR was more craptacular than anything else. Not sure I hold out much hope for Judd Winick's handling of the Titans.

Gotta love a house ad that's drawn by an unspectacular artist who's not associated with the book. Dick and Donna look okay, altho Donna's not wearing the new costume. Kory, Vic, Gar and Raven all look like crap. Wally would look alright if not for the freaky-scary not-quite-human-looking pose...and the whole eunuch-thing going on.

Yes, I do have one question: Aside from having a cool cast of characters...what exactly is supposed to make me want to read this?

SUPERGIRL #27 - I have come to firmly believe that DC's directive to Kelley Puckett when he took over this title was something along the lines of: "We need to kill this book and fast. We want you to write completely unintelligible stories that lead nowhere. Be sure to include Superman, so it looks like we care, but write him so bizarrely out of character that he seems like an impostor. Just write the worst crap you can come up with so we can get sales down and cancel it!"

TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE #3 - Could somebody please remind Amy Wolfram that she's no longer writing for the cartoon? I thought I was reading an updated telling of the first adventure of my favorite characters. But this totally pulled me out of the moment:Yes, the (yet another) Aqualad (as) punchline is cute and all, but I wanted to take this semi-seriously, even if it is just a comic.

DC SPECIAL: RAVEN #1 - Y'know, this could quite conceivably be the greatest comic ever written.

But I'll never know because the artwork is so horrendous as to make it completely unreadable. I tried. I really did. But by about the third of fourth page my eyes started bleeding and I just couldn't continue on. The Rob Liefeld art on Gail Simone's TEEN TITANS story a couple years back had close to the same effect. But even Rob's art wasn't this bad (and it's really hard to say that without choking). Maybe some decent coloring might have helped subdue and pull it together, but alas, that was not the case.
And the RAVEN "logo"? Talk about an afterthought...
Who thought this was a good idea?

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