Titans #1 - Preview

COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1641 has an article on/preview of the upcoming TITANS #1.
I'm still not a fan of Ian Churchill, but I'm hating the idea of this series less. Although, since he'll be gone after the first issue and replaced by Joe Benitez... I'm still not holding out much hope.

On sale April 9, 2008
Written by Judd Winick
Art and cover by Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund
CBG cover by Jamal Igle

At the very least, Churchill isn't afraid of the man parts.


  1. I'd like to feel more positive about the new series, but I just can't. In my opinion there's just too much working against it. For starters some of the early covers have been downright ugly. Starfire looks strange, Gar and Donna have horrible new costumes, and it seems like Cyborg looks different every time he's drawn. Secondly, the characters have all changed so much it's a bit of a stretch that they'd decide to work together again. Sure they are all friends, they have a history, and it's wonderfully nostalgic to see them all together, but it just seems a bit forced. The characters have been used and abused so much since their New Teen Titan days. It's hard to go back. It almost worked when Starfire, Gar, Vic, and Raven reformed the Teen Titans, but that was blown apart pretty quick. I dunno. Maybe if it were a limited series first where the Titans have a reunion of sorts.

    A second Justice League book is on the way, couldn't a couple Titans be in that?

    (hot for Gunhawk)

  2. I feel ya. I wanna puke all over Donna's costume, preferably while she's not wearing it cuz I love her.

    Judd Winick has said that their reunion is supposedly going to be natural or "feel right" (something like that) based on what's happening (i.e. what started in the Titans East Craptacular). We'll see I guess. But I agree, so far I've seen nothing that makes me jump for joy except the cast. I love them.

    (We should start a campaign to get Gunhawk his own book)