Superpowers: Origins - Golden Age Daredevil

The Death-Defying 'Devil (formerly-known-as [the golden age] Daredevil), made a brief appearance in PROJECT: SUPERPOWERS #0, and returns in the upcoming PROJECT: SUPERPOWERS #2. But where does he come from...?

Well, he origin doesn't really give much of a clue. Between his first and second appearances the character had a pretty major overhaul. He started out as a yellow and blue clad mute in SILVER STREAK COMICS #6. In SILVER STREAK COMICS #7, his costume was red and blue...and he could speak. No reasons were ever given for the change.

From SILVER STREAK COMICS #6 (September 1940)
written by ?; art by Jack Binder

You can download SILVER STREAK COMICS #6 (scanned from microfiche) and lots of other awesome golden-age goodness from Golden Age Comics Downloads!

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