The Return II


  1. I saw this and I wanted to cry. Good, happy tears of joy. I want it NOW!!

  2. Seems like anything goes these days at DC. Hope the story is good. I almost didn't notice Star Spangled Kid at the far left there. And could that be Jade's hand to the far right?
    I've always liked Alex Ross, but I'm not crazy about all the pink and white in this pic. Still a great cover though.


  3. I wish this were a poster. I have just the spot for it.

  4. I agree with Mike and guy.
    I think it would make a great poster. But first they have to do something with all that pink!! Ech!
    It would be awesome if it were done in something closer to regular tones.

    Of course, since it's Alex Ross, it wouldn't be a $7.99 poster -- it would be a $500 limited edition giclee. bah.