While I'm on a roll...

The DC Solicitations for March came out on Christmas Eve, and I was kinda caught up with a thousand other things and didn't really take a good look at them until I was reading the Previews catalog. Oh, I'm hot. What is this:
At least Scott Kolins attempted to get the W's right for COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS #8, but what-on-earth reference was he using that he missed the W belt? Scott, read this.
I don't know what Mauro Cascioli was thinking while painting the cover to TRIALS OF SHAZAM #12. Apparently, he's a big Alex Ross fan. Hey, Mauro, here's a clue: Alex Ross does not like Wonder Woman. He hates her. He never draws her as she should be, only however he feels like drawing her. Next time you have an opportunity to draw/paint Wonder Woman, pick up an issue of her series. Forget about Alex Ross.

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