I'm sure you've heard by now that the "fast-tracked" JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA movie is now off-track. Warner Bros. decided that the script needed more work, and with the writer's strike going on, that wasn't possible.

So there've been no contracts signed for the kids, although WB has said they still want to make the movie with this cast. I guess time will tell...

P.S. Armie Hammer's given name is (are you ready) Armand Hammer. I would hate my parents if they did that to me.


  1. I'm torn.

    on the one hand, this makes me happy because the movie was shaping up to suck beyond all belief. on the other hand, I will no longer be able to say that I went to high school with batman (who, fyi, was named after his great grandfather)

    so i pretty much lose either way.

  2. Yeah, it probably was going to suck. But I still wanted a JLA movie. I figure the chances of getting a good one are slim, so I'll take what I can get. I'm too easy.

    And it would be totally cool to say you went to school with Batman. Hopefully it'll still happen.

    If that was the case (which I kind of assumed it was something like that), they should've used Armand as a middle name. I'm sure somewhere Betty Crocker is a family name, but I wouldn't do that to my kid, either.