The New-Look Legion!

When the Legion of Super Heroes returns to the Kids WB! this fall, they're going to have a new look. They're going to be older, and apparently the show is also going for a slightly older audience. That's kinda interesting.

Phantom Girl is pretty much just getting a costume tweak.
Young Superman is looking a little less young (and what's up with the "S"? I could draw that with my eyes closed when I was 9. A paid professional artist can't be bothered to even try? Sheesh.)

But Lightning Lad is getting a major overhaul.

And (at least) two new characters added to the mix: Chameleon Boy (or whatever they'll be calling him) and Superman from the 41st Century.

I liked the show already, but this seems like it's going to be very interesting...


  1. Boo! I'm not crazy about the Legion Makeovers. They looked fine in season one!

  2. I actually like Lightning Lad's new look. He's kinda hot, LOL. But I guess everyone has their thing... ;)

  3. I didn't watch very many episodes of the first season, though I should have. Why two Supermen?

  4. I don't write for the show, how the hell would I know!!? Sheesh.
    I guess it's a storyline thing.
    I think I read somewhere, that this season is gonna be kinda like Justice League, in that there's going to be an overall story arc to the season, instead of just individual eps.