My almost-tribute to Mike Wieringo

Okay, so Project: Rooftop was doing a sort of tribute to Mike Wieringo this week. The object was to redesign a costume for Bart (Impulse, Kid Flash, Flash) Allen, a character co-created by Wieringo. I thought that it sounded like fun and wanted to play. But after I spend 2 and 1/2 days on it, I realized that it wasn't quite what it should have been. I didn't really do a whole lot of "design" work on a costume. In fact, I was almost just self-indulgent, doing my own thing. In the end, I decided not to send it in. It just wasn't what I felt it was supposed to be. But I decided to put it here anyway. It didn't turn out as well as I wanted, but the idea of what I was going for is there. Anyway, here it is:

And for anyone who may be unfamiliar, here is the source of inspiration that I used:



  1. Thank you!!
    It was fun and time consuming. I would've been happier if I'd actually played the game I set out to play. But oh well... :)