Countdown 38. August 8 2007

I'm not really sure why the cover announces: "The First Appearance of Mr. Action! Collector's Item!" when Jimmy has been running around the pages of COUNTDOWN as Mr. Action for the past 3 or 4 weeks. But what do I know?

I'm not familiar with Shane Davis' art (although I checked ComicBookDB, and it says he drew an issue of WONDER WOMAN), but I like this cover. The Titans look great!

Thank goodness that Jesus Saiz is back on the art!! It seems like it's been a couple of weeks since the art in COUNTDOWN hasn't been hard on the eyes.

And he draws an awesome looking Batwoman! Love her!

"History of the Multiverse" Two things first: 1) Jerry Ordway should always ink Dan Jurgens. I love both of these guys seperately as artists, but when they come together, it takes them both to another level, in my opinion. 2) How the heck old is Jason Todd supposed to be!!?

This part of the whole COUNTDOWN/DC Universe story is confusing the heck out of me! Why do they have to be exterminated? Why did Duela have to die? I understand that they "aren't supposed to be here," and that they're presence is an anomoly that's causing stress to the multiverse (I don't get it, the "why" is not clear, but I understand it from a storyline POV). But why do they have to die? Why don't the Monitors just put them back on the Earths they belong to? Why is that not an option? The writers really need to clear this part of the story up.

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  1. Countdown started out pretty strong for me, but I find myself starting to lose interest. They're trying to mimic 52, but the execution isn't nearly as good. Nor are the stories. Most things that happen seem to be for the sake of happening, not because it makes any sense. I hope they manage to pull it all together and have a decent explanation for why characters are acting the way they are. And the whole killing of earth-jumpers. Puh-leese. Again, I hope there is a plausible explanation by the time this is all over.