"Where the hell is John Byrne?"

In the March 6th edition of his Unfortunate Confluence of Words column, Keith Giffen asks:
WHERE THE HELL IS JOHN BYRNE?: Love him or hate him, you cannot deny the guy's talent. John is one of the very few –along with Perez – comicbook creators (and yes, he has created stuff so I'm quite comfortable using the term) that I'd actually drop a project to work with. It's all about what's on the page and John puts it there like few before or since. C'mon, I can't be alone in this.
Since there's no contact info for Keith, or even a CBR Forum for him...I just decided to answer here. He'll never see it and never know it's here, but -- Oh well!!

an open letter to keith giffen:

Dear Keith: What? You don't read comics?

I kid, I kid. Basically, John's been busy. It's just that instead of Marvel or DC, he's been spending his time over at IDW.

During 2008 he did STAR TREK: ALIEN SPOTLIGHT #6, the 6-issue mini-series FX, 5 issues of STAR TREK: ASSIGNMENT EARTH, and the 2-part STAR TREK: ROMULANS - THE HOLLOW CROWN.

This month IDW begins two more Byrne minis: ANGEL: BLOOD & TRENCHES and STAR TREK: CREW. It's not like he ain't been working!! :)

As for you and John working together? I'd LOVE to see that. You're both incredible writers and awesome artists. I'd die to see what you could come up with together. Somehow, though -- I have a feeling that with you working on DOOM PATROL and Byrne's history with the same...it might be a sticking point...

But I'd hope not!!

Okay bye!

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