I got a Premio Dardo!!

You are now reading an award winning blog!! LOL!

Doug @ dougsploitation has awarded a Premio Dardo to Comics N Things! Yay!

Of course, I rarely take things at face value and, truth be told, it isn't necessarily a bad thing to occasionally be suspicious of Doug... (but I love ya!) So I Googled it and found this, which (to me) makes it basically legit, for what it is. Thanks, Doug! Yay me!

So...what is the Premio Dardo?

Premio Dardo means “Dart Award” in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers and as a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.

What do you do once you’ve received one?

There are some rules to be followed:
  • First, accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and link to his/her blog.
  • Second pass the award to another 5 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment, remembering to contact each of them to let them know they have been selected for this award.
Here are my five cultural, ethical, literary (or at least literate), and cool blogs (in alphabetical order):

Green Lantern Butt's Forever - I love reading SallyP's blog. Her reviews are great. And even when she just posts about butts, it's fun!

Hoosier journal of inanity - Sea_of_Green's blog isn't always about comics, but mostly it is. And it's fun to read about whatever it is she's blogging. And you at least have to love the "My Pal Itty" series!

I am Walter - Walt is an "inarticulate middle aged homo with a blog" (his words, not mine!). I've known Walt over half my life (yikes), but I'm always amazed what I find out when I'm reading his blog. You can also follow Walt's life visually @ My Bad Pictures.

My Opinion Doesn't Matter/Forgotten Golden Age Heroes - In depth profiles on many forgotten heroes, plus some of their adventures. My second favorite Golden Age Heroes blog (after mine, of course! :P).

No Room for Hipsters - My buddy Russ (aka Levon) and his wife Ashley are preparing to move to New York for a year. And, ouch, they're having trials and tribulations along the way. Reading about it is almost like watching a really-good reality show (which is an oxymoron). I can't wait until they're famous. Even though they'll have forgotten about me! :-P

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