Captain Canuck!!!!

Captain Canuck was basically the first major Canadian superhero to actually come out of Canada.

He was created in 1975 by writer/artist Richard Comely. Although it was self-published by Comely Comix, it did receive distribution in the United States. There were 14 issues plus a treasury-sized limited edition of #4 and a Summer Special released from 1975-1981. George Freeman drew the Jonn back-up stories in issues #2 & 3. After a 4-year hiatus, CAPTAIN CANUCK returned with #4 in 1979 and with Freeman as the book's main artist.

So what does this history lesson have to do with anything? IDW is releasing 2 CAPTAIN CANUCK hardcovers collecting the series!!!

Well -- most of it, anyway. According to Richard Comely: "[IDW's] first release in June will feature Issues four to ten in a hard cover edition. The 1980 Summer Special and Issues 11 to 14 will be released in December. Issue one, two and three will be published by Comely Comix along with Issue 15 which was produced in 1980 but not published."

I'm ecstatic!!! I love George Freeman! LOVE him! He's up there on my list next to George Perez and Mike Grell! The only better news would be that he was going to be returning to drawing comics. I would die!

Unless he was returning to draw for Marvel, then I'd really die, because pffft.

2009 is awesome! George Perez drawing LEGION OF 3 WORLDS, Mike Grell doing covers for his new WARLORD series and now a deluxe release of George Freeman's CAPTAIN CANUCK! I almost feel like a kid again.

And at my age -- that's not easy, let me tell ya!!! ;-)

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  1. No doubt about it, it's great to see Captain Canuck getting his due. I almost fell out of my chair when I read this; thought for sure I was the only one who remembered Canada's Greatest Superhero