Super: HERO underwear from aussieBum!

aussieBum has got some cool looking underwear with a super-hero motif going on. I don't know if the art is from a comics artist or just a commercial artist they hired, but it is fun and dynamic.

Warning to Fellas Afraid of Goolies: The models employed by aussieBum are actual, real-live male-gendered beings. Meaning they are anatomically correct. The fabric does not stretch flat across the crotch as it would on a Ken doll. You may want to avoid visiting the site. I would hate for your fantasies that men do not have a visible bulge "down there" to be shattered...


  1. There HAVE to be some Green Lantern boxer shorts out there somewhere ....

  2. I'd wear those :).

    My mate would love them too :)

    You know, geek meets geek, lol.

  3. I would like to see Wolverine jockey shorts or briefs for men like myself to wear.

  4. WHY are there no Super Hero underwear for GIRLS?! Don't geeky boys want to see their geeky girlfriends in a hot pair of green latern underwear?

  5. i went on your ste looking foer super hero boxer shorts.where are they.you have'nt got none so why advertise.

  6. www.superherostuff.com/Men/superhero-pajamas-underwear.html
    For you all who wanted more. :)

  7. http://www.superherostuff.com/Men/superhero-pajamas-underwear.html

    Green Lantern Boxer Shorts
    $14.99 Sale $11.99