Action Comics 871 - Possible SPOILERS Ahead

I'm warning you! There may be SPOILERS here!

Is there more to this scene than meets the eye:
Patrick C over at his blog thinks so. I'm not naming the blog because that gives away the whole point, but he does have sound theories. Personally, I think that would rock!!

Damn, I can't even put proper categories on this thing without giving it away!! LOL!


  1. Interesting theory...I don't read the series (Action)...but the theory alone makes me want to pick up a copy.

  2. I was hoping for some clue in this week's Supergirl, but nothing! We'll probably have to wait a whole month for the next issue of Action to hit.

  3. I'm with you Patrick. The "To be continued in Supergirl #35" was a bit misleading.

    Nightwing Wannabe: The Superman books have actually been pretty good for about the past year. It's a nice change of pace from the past decade.