The LEGION hits SMALLVILLE in January

At the end of this week's Smallville we got the preview for the next episode, which won't air until January 15. But it does afford us our first glimpse of the Smallville-ized Legion of Super-Heroes (if you don't blink)!

Here are some quality screencaps from KryptonSite (Your Source For Smallville News and Information):

Alexz Johnson, Calum Worthy and Ryan Kennedy as
Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy.

Legion villain: The Persuader!

Don't be fooled by this quasi-Batman-looking character after "New Legends" flashes across the screen. This is actually a scene from a past episode where Ollie Queen dressed up in a red and blue outfit so Clark could convince Jimmy that he wasn't the "red and blue blur" running around Metropolis.

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  1. My DVR cut off the previews for the next episode...so it's good to see that and the screen cap...thanks!