DCU Elementary

From Rich Johnston's Lying in the Gutters:
"DCU Elementary" is an upcoming DC project, with all the bad guys and good guys of the DC Universe at school. Currently unscheduled, but it's good to go.

This looks kinda fun! Although I'm going to hold out much hope of it being too entertaining. I was excited about SUPER FRIENDS, and that's a mess. There's just no "drama." And I don't mean that in the people-getting-eviscerated sense, but even the Super Friends cartoons weren't this sappy. And the chunky, clunky artwork. Ew.
But the artwork in this is kinda hot. It's just slick and fresh. Love the character designs! I want action figures!!
And that picture up there is fantastically hysterical! If you don't know why, take another look. It's right there in front of your face. Well, kinda sorta...


  1. The invisible tricycle-or-whatever she's riding on is hilarious.

  2. That's it!!
    I love it! It's AWESOME!! That makes me want to love the book right there!

  3. Upon reflection, I guess its supposed to be an invisible soapbox derby racer, which I think is even cuter :-)