The BATMAN EXPRESS Electric Train Set

So: the other day I got this thing in the mail from Hawthorne Village. I don't know how I got on their mailing list, but I'm not complaining. I love getting info on comics-related stuff. I wish I'd gotten some sort of notice from the Postal Commemorative Society about the DC Comics Super Heroes gold stamp thingies they did. I would've bought them all and they would've gotten a little more cha-ching in their account. Oh well, we both lost out on that one. The lesson: Advertise People!!!

Anyway, I'm straying, LOL... So I got this flyer in the mail for the Batman Express Train Set. I thought, "That's pretty cool looking!"
And it lights up and it's just kinda cool!!!
And then I read the letter that came with it:
$70 a pop for each train car!!!? That's what passes for "exceptional value" these days?
I think I'll order a big ol' PASS on this one!
I wonder how many people they sucker into that.
Although, if it were a Wonder Woman train set. I'd probably have already sent the card in.
How sad is that?


  1. Seventy bucks will buy a lot of cold delicious Creamsicles.

  2. I've seen this advertised a lot. And I bet it's junk. Especially for that price. Not worth it. No ma'am. No way.

  3. Have you ever seen the YouTube video of my dog Zorro crying, growling and barking at the train under my Christmas tree? It's a tradition in our house.


    - Doug
    (always the self-promoter)

  4. I actually have this set it was given to me as a gift and it is well worth it. It has 12 cars altogether. now I dont collect trains and never have. so I looked up stuff on the internet and in that hobby Stuff can get veeeeryy expensive you think $70 is a lot try 3 or 4 hundred a car.anyway its very cool and has passanger cars that light up and each car comes with more track and extra accesories.

    1. I currently have the Batman Engine, Batman Locomotive, Catwoman, riddler, penguin, joker, and Two-face passenger cars. I recently found out there is a Scarecrow passenger car. What are the other 4 cars that you refer to in your comment? (i.e. you said it has 12 cars altogether)

  5. I'm sorry, but no, it's not worth over $800. That's ridiculous.

    (And that's not knocking those who collect train sets. I feel the same about comics. There is not one, single, solitary comic in the entire world that has ever been CGC graded that is worth even one cent. If you can't read it, it is worth absolutely nothing. Period.)

    I wouldn't consider, even for a second, spending half of that on a train set. Unless it was Donna Troy themed, with original, drawn-on-the-train art by George Perez, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Aaron Lopestri. And even then I'd have to think about it.

  6. im looking for this train set for my brother i got the first train but i need the others he really wants it -if anyone has it for sale cause i cant find it

  7. Can anyone give me an exact list of all the trains/train cars in the set? As in Penguin, Two-Face, Joker, etc