DC Heroines Calendar @ BarbieCollector

BarbieCollector.com has got a desktop wallpaper calendar for September featuring their latest run of Barbie as the DC Comics Heroines!!
Walk don't run!! It'll probably be switched out by the end of the month!!!


  1. The amount of time it remains up probably depends on how many non-comic book readers complain about "Dominatrix Barbie" (aka Black Canary) again.

  2. Good point.
    But if you notice the careful placement of the dolls: They've hidden the carnal temptation of the harlot's fishnets behind Wonder Woman. So it may be safe for the month.
    Odd they don't complain about Wonder Woman's lack of coverage, Batgirl's skintight black leather, or Supergirl's band-aid of a skirt. The mind boggles...

  3. There's comfort in public familiarity, I guess. Black Canary isn't really known outside of comic book fandom, but the other three are.