70 Super Years: Saturday Morning Serials

1948 saw not only Superman's 10th anniversary, but finally his first live-action appearance!
The Superman serial was one of the most successful multi-chapter films ever made.
Superman is played by B-movie hero Kirk Alyn. Noel Neill begins her long-running role as Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane.
The story centers upon the hero and the nefarious Spider Lady. Stealing the government's latest weapon, a "relativity reducer ray" that can cause explosions more powerful than an atomic bomb, the Spider Lady plans to rule the world. Only Superman has the power to stop her.
The main "drawback" to this serial, especially to an audience used to 21st century technology, is the special effects. Whenever Superman launches into flight, he becomes a cartoon character. Such were the times!
The first chapter deals with Superman's journey from Krypton to Earth. So check out the second chapter for a bit more action!
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In 1950, the cast was reunited for a second serial, Atom Man vs. Superman!
This time they brought along traditional Superman foe Lex Luthor, who disguises himself as Atom Man to blackmail Metropolis.
As his schemes are thwarted by Superman, he realizes that Superman must be destroyed. To this end he collects the necessary elements to create a synthetic Kryptonite and sends Superman into "The Empty Doom!!"
This serial improved over the first in the amount of super-feats and action set pieces. This is a real Superman movie, with plenty of heroic deeds.

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