70 Super Years: Meet the Fakers 1

Okay, yesterday we talked about the guys who tried to steal Superman's limelight -- and were denied!! Through the modern miracle of the digital era...Here now is the first and only appearance of Wonder Man!!! Unfortunately, it's scanned from microfiche, which never gives a really clear picture. And the microfiche people scanned it from a low-grade copy, so it's equally thrashed. But you can still get the general idea!!

(Fox, May 1939)

But wait there's more! On the last page, Wonder Man offers you a chance to win his ring!! The people over at Scoop (Where the Magic of Collecting Comes to Life!) have a picture of what has been accepted by collectors to be the Wonder Man ring!!! Go check it out!!

You can download WONDER COMICS #1
and lots of other awesome golden-age goodness
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