70 Super Years: The K-Metal from Krypton!

Before Kryptonite came to comics as the cure-all for Superman villains in SUPERMAN #61 (Nov/Dec 1949)...
Before Kryptonite was intoduced to the world on The Adventures of Superman radio show in 1943...
Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel wrote a story that would've changed the Superman mythos dramatically. But the powers-that-were at DC refused to print:
Believed to be intended for SUPERMAN #8 (Jan/Feb 1941), "The K-Metal from Krypton" was lost and forgotten for decades until an ancient, faded, and blurred carbon-copy of the complete script was discovered in a dusty box in the back of the DC library archives by a young staff member named Mark Waid. Over the years, various pages of completed art from the unpublished story also began to turn up in an equally various number of places. And now the story can be told!!
In the same vein as what has been done with Superman and the Secret Planet, webmaster Tor Kinlok, along with artists Angel Criado, Bob Rivard, Shane Foley, Randy Sargent, and Jon Bogdanove, has spent the past few years tirelessly restoring and recreating the artwork to present the completed story for the first time!
Here's a sneak peak:
Now head on over to The K-Metal from Krypton website and read the full story!! And while you're there, don't forget to surf around the site and read all the in-depth articles concerning K-Metal!
It's fascinating stuff, really!!

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  1. You, sir, are doing especially tremendous work this month. Talking of Superman radio shows, did you ever hear the BBC serials done in the Nineties? They adapted the Death of Superman, among other things - great stuff.

  2. Thanks, Mart!!!
    Actually, I have heard the BBC's Death of Superman. I bought it years ago on cassette. I don't think I have it anymore, don't know where it went.
    I know they've had radio dramatizations of at least Infinite Crisis, also. Don't know if that's BBC or not...