This is American Idol 8!

I've warned you before that I occasionally talk about things other than comics (hence, Comics 'N Things). But I try to keep it to a minimum, so get over.

Well, I'm glad that Robert Downey, Jr. (aka Danny Gokey) made it. If he doesn't win, he'll be this season's Chris Daughtry. I'm just stunned that his friend didn't make it. Truly stunned.
Almost as stunned as I was that Tatiannoying (Tatiana Nicole Del Toro) did make it. Yeah she can sing, but OMG that "laugh!" Everytime I see her, I just want to slit my wrists.
Ditto Queen of the Drama Queens (Nathaniel Marshall). Sing? Yes. Someone I want to have assault my senses week after week? Not. In. This. Lifetime.
On the other hand: I so want Adam Lambert to record the version of Cher's Believe that he sang during Hollywood week. I hope he reprises it at some point on the show so they do a studio version of it.

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