Super-Team Family #16

Just discovered!! The unpublished cover to SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #16!! Originally planned to feature the final confrontation between Wonder Woman, Beowulf and Stalker, the plans were dashed when the series was canceled with issue #15. It was destined to be a story never told...

Yeah, and if you believe all that: I've got a 10.0 ACTION COMICS #1 for cover price...


  1. Brilliant stuff. Hope you don't mind but I've shared it with the WW DC Message Board posters - I think they'll get a kick out of it too.


  2. That looks real enough that you had me for a second.

  3. Thanks Walt, what a nice compliment. I spent a lot of time on that; tweeking things until I thought I had over done it!! I had to force myself to stop. LOL

    Mart, why would I mind. I believe you've done that before, I love it! It's an honor to think someone likes my stuff enough to share it! Not to mention the bump in net-traffic is nice, too. ;) So thank you!