The Wonderful World of Mike Grell

Honestly, I cannot remember what I was doing or looking for or where I was (website wise) when I clicked on a link to Mike Grell's website, but, damn, I'm glad I did.
Here is the news:

I didn't realize that DC was using past Legion artists to do variant covers for the "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" arc running in ACTION COMICS. But they are. And Grell is doing the variant cover for ACTION 671. Here's the art from his website:
The original artwork is also (as I write this, anyway) available for sale at Catskills Comics. You can also request Mike Grell commissions from Catskills.

Mike drew a four-generational Green Arrow cover for the 2007 Pittsburgh Comicon. He included Justin Hartley from Smallville. How cool is that!?

And finally: You can read an all-new JON SABLE: FREELANCE graphic novel at Comicmix.com! They have issues of older Mike Grell books (like BAR SINISTER & SHAMAN'S TEARS) online, too!

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