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Oh, whoops, I left out last week's comics. Really should have put them up...

Considering all the troubles that this title has been having since it started last summer...you think they'd try a little harder. I know it's just a fill-in-to-kill-time until Gail Simone's run starts, but sheesh. This was just bad. They'd have been better off just skipping a couple months. The story wasn't much to talk about, just a standard yawn fest. Surprisingly, the Dodsons didn't hit the cover out of the park, either. And the art...oy. The best I can say is that it was servicable. It wasn't horrible, but you couldn't call it good.

COUNTDOWN 35. AUG 29 2007
Meanwhile, down the block...the art in this issue makes the pedestrian art in WONDER WOMAN look like a George Perez original. I'll just say it: the art in this issue was bad. Horrible. I could barely read the thing. I'm actually kind of liking COUNTDOWN, but they're trying hard to push me away.
Even J G Jones' cover was not up to snuff. It was absolutely nothing compared to the masterpieces he was creating on a weekly basis for 52. Maybe he needs tighter deadlines to turn out the good stuff.
And the origin of Parallax confused me. I thought that the reason that Hal Jordan went crazy was because he was infected/possessed by the Parallax entity. But here it looks like his going crazy opened him up to the possession. And I was under the impression that the entity was named Parallax, but again, it seems that it was just the name Hal took up after becoming evil. I don't know. At least the Ivan Reis art was hot.

Well, at least the art doesn't suck.
I have no idea what's going on. I've never followed Adam Strange, so I just have to go with the flow and hope something starts to make sense. And it seems like it's been longer than "weeks" since week 51 of 52, but Starfire's been unconscious since then, so what do I know?
The first 10-12 years that I was reading comics I was dealing with the multiverse. Never had a problem with it. Wasn't confused at all. But this new multiverse is making my head spin. The Monitors have been watching Earth-48 for eons...even though this multiverse is supposed to be new. So is the current Earth-2 supposed to be the same Earth-2 from the original multiverse, since the current multiverse seems to have always been around now retroactively? AHHHHH! Make it stop!

Beautiful art, but sheesh...
Remember back in the day when a mini-series was a self-contained story (not counting titles that may have crossed-over)? A beginning, a middle and an end. OMG. DC just doesn't do that anymore. And this is the worse example. A complete cliffhanger ending with no next issue. WTF? And where on earth did this villain get the power to do all the crap she's been doing? I don't know. It just made no sense at all.
But Pete Woods was amazing. At least there's that.

At least there was one book that didn't have any major suckage.
This was fun. I absolutely LOVED seeing all the old Titans creative teams come back and revisit. I'd like to see this kind of thing more often. Mike McKone and George Perez were awesome. I could've done without the Lobo crap, but over all I like the way it cut back and forth between remembering Bart, the flashbacks, and the set-up for the next storyline. It was a well-done book!!

Hopefully this week's books will be better. Hopefully a lot better. Even though, thanks to the holiday, I won't see them until Monday. Grrrr....

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