DC Goodness from Mattel

Every time I go to a super-center (like Wal-Mart or Target), I'll always have to make a pass by the toy aisle to see if there are any new DC goodies that catch my eye. I really don't know why I bother at Wal-Mart, because generally, if it isn't related to a Batman movie, Wal-Mart doesn't bother to carry it.

I actually found this one at Toys R Us, a place I don't go to very often, because their DC selection is usually 'boo':
I like this one. Although it's not true to the color scheme she wore in the comics (which they did last time, anyway), I love the black look on her. Something slick about it. (Never cared for that Batgirl logo, thought...)

This one I actually did find at Wal-Mart (color me shocked!):

I have no idea who the hell Kelly and Tommy are, but these were just cute!! So I wasted some money on them!

The rest of the swag came from Target:
Fan Collection 3Pack
I don't know if these are new or not, but I liked having Fire and Ice in one pack. They just go together.

CRISIS: series 1

Sure as heck don't know what I need these for, but I'm a sucker for DC stuff. Just wish I could find the Atom, Black Hand or Black Adam. I want them all!!


The BATMAN EXPRESS Electric Train Set

So: the other day I got this thing in the mail from Hawthorne Village. I don't know how I got on their mailing list, but I'm not complaining. I love getting info on comics-related stuff. I wish I'd gotten some sort of notice from the Postal Commemorative Society about the DC Comics Super Heroes gold stamp thingies they did. I would've bought them all and they would've gotten a little more cha-ching in their account. Oh well, we both lost out on that one. The lesson: Advertise People!!!

Anyway, I'm straying, LOL... So I got this flyer in the mail for the Batman Express Train Set. I thought, "That's pretty cool looking!"
And it lights up and it's just kinda cool!!!
And then I read the letter that came with it:
$70 a pop for each train car!!!? That's what passes for "exceptional value" these days?
I think I'll order a big ol' PASS on this one!
I wonder how many people they sucker into that.
Although, if it were a Wonder Woman train set. I'd probably have already sent the card in.
How sad is that?


Sassy Superman Remixes

I did the remix of ACTION COMICS #351 almost a year ago and thought I had posted it.
This past weekend, I came across the cover to ACTION COMICS #353 and thought "I smell a follow-up!"
So I went to post it and link it to the original post. Except there doesn't appear to be an original post. I guess I forgot. So now you get a two-fer!!

Zha-vam could be so much more than just Superman's adversary...

Yeah. Sometimes I have too much time on my hands. :-P


WONDER WOMAN Live-Action Film Not Dead?

The last I had heard, Warner Bros. had pretty much dropped the idea of doing a Wonder Woman movie. That was around the time the (now dead) Justice League movie was coming together. But a recent interview with producer Leonard Goldberg makes it sound like there's still some life in the project.

From MTV's Splash Page:
More recently, writer-director Joss Whedon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), who never delivered a finished script, quit the project after [producer Joel] Silver purchased a rival, WWII-centered script drafted by unknowns Matthew Jennison and Matt Strickland.

For the time-being, Goldberg won’t go into details about the notes he and Silver gave to the Jennison/Strickland brain trust for "Wonder Woman's" second draft — but he will discuss his broad expectations. "I can only speak for myself.… I would like it to be more current," said Goldberg. "I hope that we don’t finally wind up doing the same story again: Steve Trevor flying, and his plane crashes onto the island [of Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s matriarchal homeland]. He’s supposed to be executed, and she saves his life. Perhaps we’ll do that in a very abbreviated fashion up front, and then come up with a story that no one has seen yet."


DC Universe Original: WONDER WOMAN Trailer

Here's the trailer for the WONDER WOMAN DVD movie coming in February 2009.

You can see a better quality version of it at the Official WONDER WOMAN movie site.


325 Posts!!

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I missed celebrating the 1st anniversary of Comics 'N Things (which would've been back in May!). So I've patiently waited for some number to come up to celebrate with. And I didn't want to wait until 350 or 400 because, basically, I'm impatient! LOL. Plus, by then, I probably would've forgotten. So this is what you get! Yay! 325 posts!

April 1951

March 1964

October 1964

June 1965

July 1978

July 1980

May 1985

MAD #325
February 1994


Wonder Woman #24 Preview

Walk don't run to Newsarama to check out the 7-page preview to this week's WONDER WOMAN #24!
written by Gail Simone; art by Bernard Chang

It just doesn't get any better.

Gail Simone is the supreme goddess of the universe.

DC Heroines Calendar @ BarbieCollector

BarbieCollector.com has got a desktop wallpaper calendar for September featuring their latest run of Barbie as the DC Comics Heroines!!
Walk don't run!! It'll probably be switched out by the end of the month!!!


DICK COLE: Wonder Boy...Like a Rock!

What's it all about Dickie?
Read: DICK COLE: Dinos and Homos and Drugs, Oh my! to find out!!

Yes, it's a shameless plug for my other blog. Deal.


DCU Elementary

From Rich Johnston's Lying in the Gutters:
"DCU Elementary" is an upcoming DC project, with all the bad guys and good guys of the DC Universe at school. Currently unscheduled, but it's good to go.

This looks kinda fun! Although I'm going to hold out much hope of it being too entertaining. I was excited about SUPER FRIENDS, and that's a mess. There's just no "drama." And I don't mean that in the people-getting-eviscerated sense, but even the Super Friends cartoons weren't this sappy. And the chunky, clunky artwork. Ew.
But the artwork in this is kinda hot. It's just slick and fresh. Love the character designs! I want action figures!!
And that picture up there is fantastically hysterical! If you don't know why, take another look. It's right there in front of your face. Well, kinda sorta...


FINAL CRISIS: The Golden Age

If you thought Mary Marvel's mudslide to madness was something that Grant Morrison came up with, you'd be wrong!

The seeds for her descent into darkness were being planted 65 years ago!

Who knew they had been planning FINAL CRISIS that long!? Crafty li'l devils!!

And she's not just a little bad. She sets fire to a grocery store full of people and cackles "What fun! Burn them up! Burn them all up!" Darkseid didn't have to push her too far...

Check out the day Mary turned evil...the first time!

WOW COMICS #17 (Sept 43)
written by ?; art by Jack Binder

And see that last panel there; I think that's Granny Goodness escaping back to Apokolips.

You can download WOW COMICS #17
and lots of other awesome golden-age goodness
from Golden Age Comics Downloads!